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Jag Cut & Run Club

Sponsor: Kimberly Carns

For more information on this club, please contact the sponsor via email. 

The goal of the Jag Fit & Run Club is to improve our ability to run a mile, train with agility drills, play partner games, and generally get moving.  No running experience is necessary, and we would love to have students of all activity levels. We just want to promote being active and having fun!  The Jag Cut & Run Club is for all students in grades 3-5. Students do not need to register for this activity. Meeting days are Monday and Wednesday mornings at 7:05 a.m.  Students must arrive by 7:10 to participate. Runners are dismissed at 7:30. 

Happy Running!

Fourth grade members of the Jag Fit and Run Club participate in the Kids Mercedes Marathon 2018