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House Council

Sponsors: Dr. Stocks, Mrs. S. Williams, Mrs. K. Carns

For more information on this club, please contact the sponsors via email. 

Greystone Elementary School House Council is a small group of 6 fifth grade students that serve as leaders in our school. There are 5 House Leaders to represent each of the 5 Houses at Greystone.  There is also one Kingdom Leader who serves as the student leader of the House Council.  Each fall, the sponsors of this group hold a meeting with all fifth graders where they review the application process. See the definitions below to learn more about each of these student leadership positions:


House Leader defined:

House Leaders work alongside Dr. Stocks, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Carns and 5th grade teachers. They help with leading House meetings, come up with new, innovative ideas, and they help host school-wide projects and activities. 

Kingdom Leader defined:

The Kingdom Leader leads of ALL houses. This student will have speaking opportunities to represent Greystone and perform the same duties as a House Leader.  This is the highest honor a fifth grader can hold. Students also complete an interview for this position with Dr. Stocks. 

The 2023-2024 House Council:

House Council Member 2023-2024